Belgische kunstenaar Félicien  Rops
Félicien Rops was a Belgian artist born in Namur in 1833 and who died in Essonnes / France in 1898. He was a painter, draftsman, engraver, etcher and lithographer. Enjoyed private education at home. Training at the Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix College and at the Atheneum in Namur. Also attended classes at the Academy in Namur under the supervision of F. Marinus. Then went to study at the University of Brussels. Was in contact with French intellectual intellectuals in Brussels. His first lithographs were created in 1852. Education in the Atelier Libre Saint-Luc, together with, among others, C. Meunier, Ch. De Groux and L. Artan (1854-1857). Founded the satirical weekly Uylenspiegel (1856-1862), to which Ch. De Coster cooperated. Also participated in the student magazine Crocodile (1853-1859). Was married from 1857 to 1874 to Charlotte Polet de Faveaux. He settled back in Namur in 1857, often in Paris from 1868 and settled there definitively in 1874. He was called "le beau Fély". The seamstresses Amélie and Léontine Duluc became his mistresses. Léontine became the mother of Claire Rops, who married the writer Eugène Demolder. He stayed in the literary circles, where he, among others, Ch. Baudelaire, J.K. Huysmans and J. Peladan. Traveled a lot. His drawings, his lithographs and especially his etchings, for which he applied completely new techniques, were an outlet for his aggressive inspiration, which dealt with conformism, the customs of his time and politics. It was especially fascinated by the woman, who was usually seductive, sometimes perverse or performed as a femme fatale in numerous etchings. Some well-known albums: Enterrement du pays Wallon (1863), Pornokratès (1878) and the Sataniques series (1883) and for Barbey d’Aurevilly the Diaboliques series. Became friends with A. Rassenfosse in 1886. Pseudonyms by F.R. used on single etchings and lithographs; Niederkorn, Jules Clarence, Lesly William, Vriel Eugène, Vriel Jules, Spoller, Wehr Heinrich, Marc Bruno. As a painter realized among other things (Maas) landscapes, marines, coastal views in the line of Th. Baron. Worked with bold flowing keys and came to a spontaneous impressionism. Around 1860-1870 he mostly painted characters, women's portraits or women in their finery. After 1870 the first landscapes were created in nature. Working in France, his color palette became brighter. Around 1875-1879 he often painted on the North Sea: dyke, beach, harbor, dunes. In 1868 co-founder of the Société libre des Beaux-Arts, in 1875 of the Société Internationale des Aquafortistes, was also a member of the Les XX Group (1886-1893). Work among others in the Museums in Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, Namur (F. Rops Museum). Extensively mentioned in the National Biography of the Royal Academy of Belgium, part XXXIII. Listed (PIRON)