We are not an auction house. You can purchase the artworks shown directly.

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This site lists the various artworks we have sold in the past and artworks available. The art company is part of Qualiserv Plus BVBA, a company that has existed for more than 17 years now.

IIf you have any questions about an artwork or about the price of an artwork on our site, please feel free to contact us by email [email protected] or by telephone on 0032

As an art dealer we do not carry out estimates.   You can contact specialized companies or auction houses for this.   As a company, we do not believe in providing free estimates.   Everyone's time ultimately has to be paid for by someone.   In addition, we want to avoid that our estimates are misused, something we have experienced several times in the past.   You can assume that if you offer us a work at a price that is far from what we would normally pay, we will inform you correctly and will therefore give you more than the requested amount and this in accordance with our normal purchase prices.

You can order the works on-line and have them delivered to your home or office. The shipping price shown is for works to be delivered within Belgium and the Netherlands as well as Germany, France and the United Kingdom. For other countries you can use the button in the shipping method box to request a price.

You can also bid on the artwork shown.

If you order the artwork from abroad and wish to have it delivered outside the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom or Belgium, you can request a quote for this by using the button in the shipping frame.

We will then give you a price indication that depends on the country where it has to be delivered and the specifications of the artwork such as weight, dimensions, type of frame, .... If this price is within your expectations, we will prepare a detailed offer for you.

If you, as a company, organization, service club, non-profit association, current association or as a private individual, love art and want to take a charity action, we can help.

You can select from the works you want to show. Then we consider how much margin we can give to your organization. If you choose to make a summary (with each work a part extra profit, for example € 50 per extra work for charity), you can ask. Then we will make a brochure with your current prices and the works you have chosen. The settlement takes place by means of an official note from the committee. We take care of the stand (if necessary), the staff who can give a professional explanation, the brochures and the final sale and handling. Each purchaser of a work also receives a formally signed proof of purchase and an invoice describing the work.

Dr. Jurgen Swerts Manager CEO and expert Qualiserv Plus BVBA Plus BVBA

Qualiserv Plus BVBA has been delivering gifts and whiskey to your home or office for more than 17 years. This is done via the sites www.demand.eu  and www.whisky-on-line.be