Do you also sell works on consignment?

No, all the works shown here are our property. We purchase to resell and are therefore not an auction house but an online store.

Can the works be purchased directly?

Yes, you can do this by using the button “Buy now!”. All the works offered are the property of the company and are located in our warehouses.

Can I come and see the offered artworks before I buy them?

Yes this is possible. You must then send an e-mail which work you wish to view and when. This can also be done by using the “Ask/Bid” button. We will then search for the work here in our warehouses and prepare it for you. All our works are packed in foil to protect them against dirt.

How can I pay for a work of art?

In the platform there are various payment methods that you can choose from, such as Mr Cash, Visa, Paypal,…. You can also choose to pay by invoice. If you choose the latter, you will receive an invoice from us so that you can transfer the amount.

Can I pay for the artworks in cash?

Yes this is possible. However, we prefer the electronic payment methods offered to you by the system or transferring the amount to the company account.

Do I get proof of purchase?

Yes, an invoice is made for every artwork sold and you will receive a corresponding purchase certificate.

Where do you buy your artworks?

We mainly purchase from national and international reputable auction houses. For example, we are much more certain about the authenticity of a work of art since they are thoroughly screened there the first time.

I saw that a work of art was sold at an auction last year for €300 and now you are asking €640 for it, how is that possible?

This is quite normal. We are a company and therefore have to pay for the personnel, buildings, electricity, IT, etc. If we buy something for € 300, you have to add the auction costs, which are 30%. So the purchase price for us is not €300, but €390. It takes time and therefore money to get the works here, freshen them up, take pictures, put them online and package them to prevent dust and damage. to avoid. In addition, we also have to pay 21% VAT on the added value. And of course we also take a profit margin on each work. That is the only way to continue to exist as a company,.....

Can you guarantee that if I purchase something from an artist, it is a real work and not a counterfeit?

We do everything we can to guarantee the authenticity. This is based on the expertise of the auction houses, supplemented with our own expertise. Unfortunately, we only have 100% certainty when we have seen for ourselves that the artwork was painted or printed and if we can take it with us immediately. However, the latter is almost always impossible. The Certificate of Purchase that you get with each piece of art is made with the available info we have at the time of the sale.

It sometimes happens that works that we have purchased for real do not turn out to be real after our expertise. These are kept separately here and destroyed after a while, to avoid that they come into the hands of less honest people who would still like to sell them as real. We need to keep them here for justification in any tax audits.

Do you also buy from private individuals?

Yes, a smaller part of our collection is purchased from private individuals.

Do you ship the artworks?

Yes, at checkout you can choose to have the works sent to you or you can choose to pick up the works.

How can you correctly assess a work of art behind glass?

Every work of art is viewed and assessed here by our specialists. The glass is always removed from works of art that are behind glass. After that, the work is examined in detail and pictures are taken. The glass is cleaned and the artworks are then put back into the frame with glass.

What do you do with heavily polluted works of art?

If paintings are heavily soiled, a benefit/cost analysis will be made. Based on this, it is decided whether it is worthwhile to have the work of art treated by our “repair and restoration” department. If there are conspicuous and disturbing damage to the frame, these will be professionally removed and the frame may be painted over. Depending on the framework, we can also proceed to a complete restoration with all associated techniques. For paintings, the top layer with dirt is removed with special products, after which it is decided whether it is necessary to remove the varnish as well. Small imperfections are sometimes also removed. If it concerns a far-reaching restoration, a restoration report is drawn up that is attached to the painting.

What about small defects on the frame?

If there are scratches or other not immediately disturbing defects in the frame, we leave them as is (disturbing in our opinion, which may be different for you). Ultimately, these are works of art that have already been used and where signs of use may appear. For larger defects, such as larger pieces of sculpted frames that are damaged, repairs are made based on molds that are made from the missing pieces. For minor repairs of frames with a gold layer, the repaired spot is professionally painted flat so that the repair is barely visible. For larger repairs, the frames are completely repainted with 3 or 4 layers. We do not re-gild. You can have this done after purchase from someone who is trained for this if you wish.

Do I get an extra discount if I don't need an invoice?

No, as a professional company we always draw up a correct sales invoice. On this basis, 21% VAT is paid on the realized added value. For some works of art we still have to pay a resale right.