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Somville Roger

Roger Somville was a Belgian artist born in Schaarbeek/Brussels in 1923 and died in Tervuren in 2014. He was a painter, graphic artist (lithograph) and designer of carpets. Education at the Academy conducted by G. De Vlamynck (1940-1942) and at Ter Kameren in Brussels conducted by CH. Counhaye (1942-1944). From 1945 he designed cartons for tapestries of such a convincing realism that he came across as innovative in this area. In 1946 co-founder of the Center de Rénovation de la Tapisserie de Tournai, together with E. Dubrunfaut and L. Deltour. His work is realistic-figurative, with an expressionist note, and behind each creation there is always an idea, which is elaborated in large canvases or wall panels. Initially, his compositions often testified to social and political engagement, but later more poetic inspired works emerged. Often worked in series or topics covered.
Like no other, he was able to give shape to his vibrant life drive in his works. From the press: "Somville's paintings are driven by dynamism. The color, the shapes and the brush keys are the basis of the movement that crosses the canvas. The human figure remains his weapon to win the battle of realism. Female figures bare their bodies without shame. Their thick breasts and voluptuous shapes reinforce their presence on the canvas. The almost identical faces give them the status of 'the' woman, as Somville sees, feels and caresses them. He makes them out of color and she becomes life that makes the whole composition vibrate." Was a member of the Jeune Peinture Belge. Co-founder of the Force Murales Groups (1947), Céramique de Dour (1951), Art et Réalité (1954), Arts d'Europe (1963), Mouvement Réalist Belge (1968) and Artes Bruxellae (1975); Murals, among others, in the Hankar metro station in Brussels (1974-1976), on the university campus in Louvain-La-Neuve (1987). Founded a ceramic workshop in Dour and was a teacher of monumental art and director (1958-1984) at the Academy in Boitsfort. Work in the museums of Brussels, Ixelles, Liège, Charleroi, la louvière. Bibliography: Somville (M. Fryns and E. Langui, publisher Dereume, Brussels, 1973). Leuvre gravé de Somville (Ph. Robert-Jones, published by Galerie Présences, Brussels, 1974).
Mentioned in BAS I and Two Centuries of Signatures of Belgian Artists. (PIRON)