Kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Jan D\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Haese kopen

D'Haese Jan

Jan D'Haese was a Belgian artist who was born in 1922 in Aalst and who died in 2005 in Ghent. He was a publicist, painter, poet and art critic. Has published, among other things, collections of poetry and art editions about the painter Maruits Verbist and the sculptor José Vermeersch, essays about Latem painters. Paul de Mont Prize for 'Here X-Town' (1966). He worked on ’t Pallieterke from 1953 and wrote as an art critic for De Standaard, De Nieuwe Gids, Septentrion, Spectacle, Ons Erfdeel. (piron)

Jean Le Lievre (1922). Painter. Metaphysical joker. Integrates unexpected objects in his canvases and thus creates a kind of bas-relief. Exhibited with the Painters of the Sea in the church in Vinkem in 1989. (Piron)

The Latemse Kunstkring is particularly delighted with the exhibition “Flemish Mastership, selection from the private collection Nokere”. After all, this collection was largely built up by Jan D'Haese. We are pleased to bring Jan D'Haese back to the memory of our members through this exhibition as a tribute to co-founder and chairman of the Latemse Kunstkring in the context of our 60th anniversary that we are celebrating this year. When at the end of 1959 the then alderman for culture, historian and art connoisseur Raf Van den Abeele and a few art friends decided that the rich art history of Latem and Deurle should be preserved for future generations, Jan D'Haese was one of them. He succeeded Raf as second chairman and was often responsible for the catalogs of the exhibitions organized by the Latemse Kunstkring. He was a very captivating personality who, in addition to being an exhibition maker, art critic and poet, was also an artist under the name 'Jean Lelièvre'. In addition to his work, we see work by about 50 artists, from different movements, in different techniques such as oil paint, watercolor, pastel, sculptures, ceramics, comic strip, graphics, drawings and sketches by Emile Claus, James Ensor, Panamarenko, Gustave De Smet, Paul Van Gysegem, George Minne, Walter De Buck, José Vermeersch, Achiel Pauwels, Gilbert Declercq, Michel Seuphor, eva (www.delatemsekunstkring.be)