Brusselse schilder Stanislas Warnie

Warnie Stanislas

Stanislas Warnie was a Belgian artist born in 1879 and died in 1958. He was a watercolorist, crayon painter and painter. He worked in Brussels. He preferred landscapes, forest and heathland views. From the press: “His canvases have allure, there is spirit in them. They are finished with strength and felt pure. Sometimes there is also a suggestion about the strange in certain heath landscapes. They have something of the tragically mysterious of the Kempen country. The sky in particular gives good weather" and "He wants to capture nature in its mobility of air and light, and its watercolors, which fit best, therefore have something mobile and rigid at the same time." (1918) Exhibited at the "Exhibition of watercolors, crayon paintings and etchings" in Antwerp in 1906, at the "Exposition universelle et Internationale de Bruxelles" in 1910, at the Galeries in Brussels in 1916 and 1918, at the "Exposition Triennale de Gand" in 1925. Listed in BAS II. (PIRON)