Kunstwerken kopen van de Nederlandse kunstenaar Schelte Adams Bolswert

Schelte Adams Bolswert

Schelte Adams Bolswert was a Dutch artist, born in Bolsward/Netherlands around 1585 and died in Antwerp in 1659. He was a printmaker, (reproduction) engraver, draftsman and painter. The subjects he dealt with were mainly Christian religious scenes and portraits. He was the brother of Boetius Bolswert. Together with his brother, he went to Brussels around 1610 to engrave for the handbook 'Académie de l'Épée' by Gérard Thibault van Antwerpen. He then settled in Antwerp and became a member of the Saint Luke Guild. In Antwerp he befriended Rubens, and in his engravings interpreted the works of the Flemish master with such a remarkable understanding of his example that Rubens thought for a long time that he had had a hand in these engravings. But Rubens had already died when the most beautiful reproductions of Bolswert appeared. In total, Schelte engraved around eighty prints designed by Rubens. He has also worked for various other Antwerp painters, including Jacob Jordaens, Gerard Seghers and Theodoor Rombouts. Schelte is considered one of the most gifted engravers from the Rubens School. (BT)
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