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Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Roeland Kotsch

Kotsch Roeland

Roeland Kotsch is a Belgian artist, born in Leuven in 1953. He is a painter, pastelist, graphic artist and draftsman. He was educated at the Academy in Leuven. In 1983 he won the A. Delaunois Prize for Graphics. He finds his inspiration in music and nature (the garden). He evolved from impressionism to abstraction. From the press: 'R.K. is an exceptional graphic artist, a virtuoso who is also inventive, can place both contemporary and classical touches, can create an alternately baroque and ethereal world and has proven, among other things, with his book about Dokter Tulp what an exceptional place he occupies in the world of art. graphics' and about his pastel works: 'R.K. shows us the idealized image of his garden in a wealth of colors, of shadows, of spots of light and dark secrets.' the Atelier Wisper in Leuven (2008). (Piron) The artist himself on his more recent works (2020):
“Most of these works went through a work process of more than a year. The mandatory isolation during the corona period resulted in intense concentration and work ethic. There is no fixed theme in this series. The inspiration came from various angles.” And about his technique: “I explored various possibilities in the field of drawing, graphics, painting and digital image processing. The sustained concentration on this one Madonna figure (the Madonna with the Long Neck (Parmigianino)) forced me to broaden my boundaries in terms of techniques and to develop further artistically. Attached to solid craftsmanship, I searched for a synthesis of tradition and innovation, averse to and at odds with current developments in contemporary art. This synthesis also includes a highly personal combination of graphics and painting. This visual adventure resulted in a wide range of images, which are grouped here under four categories: drawings, pure graphics, painting and a mixture, in which I have combined graphic work with oil paint.” (2019) (source: www.kotsch.be)