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Belgische fijnschilder Pol Verswijver

Verswijver Pol

Pol Verswijver is a Belgian artist who was born in 1949. He is a fine painter. Initially worked within the New Classical Antwerp School. Realizes mainly refined still lifes with objects and fruits, which are meticulously hyperrealistic and with an eye for the smallest detail on canvas. The composition of his still lifes, which are often set against a monochrome background, bears witness to his reasoned sense of balance and harmony. All his works reflect an atmosphere of delicate aesthetics and evoke the mastery of the earlier Flemish masters. "Still life with bottle and bowl" auctioned by the Zaal Campo in Antwerp in 1994, "Still life with decanters" by the Zaal Bernaerts in Antwerp in 2003, "Still life with measuring triangle and plumb bob" by the Zaal Campo in 2008, "Still life with pears" (1982) and "Still life with bottles" (1984) by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago in 2009. Also gives titles to his works such as "De Schelde in Antwerp" and "North Sea". In 1985 the gallery Lieve Hemel in Amsterdam published "The Refined Image" with a "striking still life by P.V., entitled New York on the cover". Exhibited in the gallery De Zwarte Panter in Antwerp in 1980. Became a painting teacher at the RHoK in Etterbeek (2008). Bibliography: Contemporary Dutch Still Lives (Miliken and Nieuwendijk, Lieve Hemel gallery, Amsterdam, 1986). Source: Piron