Kunstwerken van de Belgische kunstenaar Karel Roelants kopen

Roelants Karel

Karel Roelants was a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1921 and died there in 1999. He was a painter, draftsman, decorator, graphic artist and sculptor. Education at the Normal School in Antwerp, after the Second World War he started drawing courses, architecture and art history at the Academy in Antwerp and painting at the Academy in Berchem. Sculpture training with R. Cornelissen. Maintained close contacts with O. and F. Jespers. Study trips to Italy, Greece, Israel and Mexico. From 1963 devoted exclusively to drawing, including monumental drawings, to 4.5 by 2m. In 1994, three monumental panels were processed into plates with a stratification process, guaranteeing unlimited durability. Worked for the revalorization of absolute drawing. He strived for monumentality in strongly linearly structured black and white drawings, in which dark cores and shaded lines created dark cores and shades. Starting from figurative motifs such as river views or landscapes, he evolved into abstract compositions. Afterwards, however, sought to reconnect with nature, cityscapes or landscapes. From 1978 he also specialized in classical lithography in the Masereelcentrum in Kasterlee. Realizes, among other things, landscapes, harbor views, nudes. Abstracting lines, poetic touch. His humanistic outlook on life and his social involvement resulted in the five-part series of drawings by his Miserere (1985-1993). From the press ‘What K.R. from the dialectical contrast between black and white, as well as from the tension between reality and dream, may be called unique. In landscapes, cities and ports, graceful networks of overlapping lines obscure reality into semi-abstract impressions. This in a swell and flow of lyrical lines. This creates drawings, which are like magnetic fields, light plans and dark cavities. Within these space effects, there is no place for the accidental. Although the inspiring theme is recognized or suspected, the tendency to mystical abstracting has gained the upper hand." (R. Turkry) Work, among others, in the Print Room and the Museum in Antwerp. Mentioned in Artists and Galleries, BAS II and Two Centuries Signatures of Belgian Artists. (PIRON)
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