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Belgische schilder Hubert Bellis

Bellis Hubert

Josse-Lambert (Hubert) Bellis was born in 1831 in Brussels and died in 1902 in Sint-Joost-ten-Node. He was a Belgian art and decorative painter from the 19th century who mainly painted flowers and still lifes. Bellis traveled a lot at home and abroad in the context of assignments that his studio carried out. In 1883 he went on a leisure and study trip to Amsterdam in the company of James Ensor and Guillaume Vogels. After 1875 he became known for his realistic still lifes and some portraits. His still lifes show flowers, fruits and many shellfish. His earliest realizations were conventional. As his career progressed, he broke away from the overloaded contrived compositions and painted still-life paintings that gave him a wider reputation: roses, geraniums or chrysanthemums in dirty brown earthenware pots or roses, grapes, oysters and shrimps straight out of the sea on simple dishes, or the waste of a carnival party.