Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar  Guy Leclercq

Leclercq Guy

Guy Leclercq is a Belgian artist who was born in 1940 in Opbrakel. He is a painter, sporadically also working as a designer of sculptural work. Education at Sint-Lucas in Ghent and from 1958 at the Academy in Antwerp. Became friends with Fred Bervoets, among others. Worked in 1960 with Lionel Vinche on murals, in 1973 with eleven other painters on a gigantic polyptych, The Last Supper. In 1967 played a leading role in the French-language feature film Les Gardiens after Jean Ray. Initially he delivered powerful expressionistic work as well as compositions with figures leaning towards pop art and also liked to work with the material. In 1971 Prize Young Belgian Painting. He has repeatedly designed sets for theaters in Brussels and has become a permanent fixture of the De Zwarte Panter gallery in Antwerp. From the press: 'G.L. semi-figurative painted notes of a life story. A man and a woman form an unmistakable link in the passing on of life as a couple. Semi-cubist interiors are a popular theme. But through his poetic work he also makes us dream of faraway travels' and 'G.L. has only been painting since about 2000 as he paints today: no longer with playful figurative elements, but compositions of purely irregular surfaces that overlap, attract and repel each other. They are a rest for the eye because of their color. Light autumn colours, off-white and here and there black' and finally 'G.L. does not paint geometric abstract shapes, as Dan Van Severen does, playing over and over with the same basic shapes. The planes and angles with which G.L. composes have ever had anything to do with geometry. Since then they have become distorted, softer.' According to Willem Elias, he belongs to a generation that does not practice geometric abstraction for the sake of abstraction itself, but wants to express something with it. Was allowed to paint murals in a large meeting room of the Brussels Parliament in 2000. In 1975 he became a teacher at the Higher State School for Visual Arts in Anderlecht. Bibliography: G.L. or the paradox of lyrical geometry. (W. Elias, published by Snoeck and the gallery De Zwarte Panter, 2007). Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)