Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Gustave Van de Woestyne

Van de Woestyne Gustave

Gustave Van de Woestyne was a Belgian artist who was born in Ghent in 1881 and who died in Uccle in 1947. He was a Belgian painter, draftsman, graphic artist and illustrator. Education at the Academy in Ghent. Settled in 1899 with his brother Karel in Sint-Martens-Latem and belongs to the first group of artists in this municipality, together with A. Van Den Abeele, V. De Saedeleer, M. Niekerk, J. De Praetere, G. Minne, M. Sys and A. Servaes. He developed spiritually within that circle, grouped around the figure of his brother-writer Karel. His admiration for the Flemish Primitives and the Pre-Raphaelites is noticeable in his work. However, he did not paint much during his stay in Latem. It is only when he goes to live in Leuven in 1909 that the numerous peasant heads originated from memory. After Leuven he settled successively in Etterbeek and Tiegem, where he found V. De Saedeleer again. He dealt with very diverse themes: in addition to numerous depictions by Deeske and farmers from the region, he also painted religious subjects, pastoral scenes, allegorical depictions, still lifes and portraits. There is also a great deal of technical diversity in his work. In addition to very linear and precisely painted canvases in a delicate, evenly applied colorit, blurred painted canvases were created in which outlines and colors fade. Fled to Wales during World War I. Elements of the modernist movements penetrated into his highly controlled and sensitive work after the First World War, eg cubist features and expressionist distortions. However, there is always an atmosphere of alienation and unreality. His figures are introverted and isolated from their surroundings, in other words focused on the inner world. He was also a good portraitist. In a series of accurate, accurate portraits he intensely recorded his own relationship with the person portrayed. After the World War he settled in Waregem and later in Mechelen. In 1939 director at the Academy in Mechelen, in 1926 teacher at La Cambre in Brussels and then at the Higher Institute in Antwerp. The correct spelling of the family name is indeed Van De Woestyne (with y), but confusion often arose with the artist's name of his brother Karel, who as author took the name Van De Woestijne (with ij). Mentioned in the Biography Nationale of the Royal Academy of Belgium, volume XXXV. Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Piron.