Nederlandse kunstenaar schilder Ger Van Reede

Van Reede Ger

Ger van Reede, G.J.A.van Reede, was a Dutch artist born in Rotterdam in 1929 and died there in 1998. He was a painter. He studied at the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam. There he was taught by Willem H. Mühlstaff and Aart Bijl, among others. After the Academy he was taught in the workshop of Wim Motz, which has had a major influence on his development. The artist lived and worked in Germany in the late 1950s. He traveled extensively to France and Italy. His style evolved from fine painting to abstract naturalism. In the abstract works, by omitting what is recognizable, a spatial effect is achieved with a natural tension. An urge emerged from the abstract works to render the city (Rotterdam) more realistic. This is how works were created that make a big impression on the viewer due to their simplicity. His works are characterized by balanced compositions and a strong use of color. Jazz has had a major influence on the artist. Ger van Reede painted many Jazz figures such as Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, Betty Carter etc. The use of color makes a direct link between sound and color. In 1995 the artist successfully exhibited in "De Tuyter" the cultural center of Krimpen at the IJssel. This exhibition with the theme "The New Building in Rotterdam" was so successful that a second exhibition followed after a few months. Now with the theme "Jazz". (Source RKD, www.reedevan.dds.nl)