Kunstwerken kopen van de Boomse kunstenaar Rudi De Vos

De Vos Rudi

Rudi De Vos was a Belgian painter, born in Boom in 1944 and died in Boom in 2023. He trained at the Academy in Berchem under the guidance of Pincé, Marchand, Van Nuffel and Willem Dolphyn. He learned etching techniques from Hugo Besard. He painted landscapes from the Rupel region, (Boomse) cityscapes and also found inspiration in Klein-Brabant, on the coast and in Antwerp and Ghent. From the press: “R.D.V. his works testify to a refined attention to reality” and “His works are so realistic that they almost resemble photographs. He deliberately does not paint on canvas, but on plate that he treats in advance with a turpentine preparation and opts for a slightly golden tint as the base color.” His debut exhibition was held in the Carolus gallery in Antwerp in 1982. Rudi De Vos was also known as a local historian. Boom historian Alex Vinck called Rudi De Vos the “Ambassador of Boom”. Together they produced the book “Tree in the paint” (2007), in which A. Vinck wrote explanatory historical texts for the almost photographically painted views, portraits and buildings of the Rupel region by Rudi De Vos. (Piron, BT)