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Etsen van Camille Barthélemy kopen

Barthélemy Camille

Camille Barthélemy was a Belgian artist who was born in 1890 in Saint-Mard / Virton and who died in 1961. He was a painter, watercolorist, gouachist, pastelist and etcher. Went on the advice of Nestor Outer, his art teacher at the College in Virton, to study at the Academy in Brussels under the direction of Fabry, Taelemans, Van Strydonck and Delville (1906-1914). Worked at a very young age with painter decorators such as Deligne-Verlaet, Antoine Daens and Privat Livemont. Initially painted interiors with (female) figures, nudes, portraits, canal views, city and village views. Later he found inspiration almost exclusively in the (Ardennes) landscape, city and village views, still lifes, flowers. Worked with a light touch and rich, wide-spread layers of paint. His style is related to that of R. Heintz and represents a transition between Impressionism and Fauvism. Designed murals and decorative panels for the Eastman Institute in Brussels and the Abbey of Orval, among others. From the press: "Initially, C.B. the most diverse subjects in his paintings: women in interiors, nudes, portraits of canal and yacht scenes, station and factory views, still lifes, flowers, landscapes, village and city views. Later the artist devoted himself exclusively to landscapes, city and village views, still lifes and flowers. He evolved from a design that was initially impressionist to a personal style that leaned on expressionism and cubism. First known as one of the best painters of the old Flemish cities (Bruges, Mechelen, Kortrijk, Diest), he subsequently became the most important painter of the Ardennes and the Gaume region. He also found inspiration in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Aveyron, Lot and Tarn regions and in countries such as Spain and Morocco. His works are notable for the unparalleled choice of angle of view and sense of composition, for his ability to bring heaven and earth together into a harmonious whole and to render the landscape as a coherent whole. ”(A. Martin) Founding member of the Académie Luxembourgeoise. Bibliography: Camille Barthélemy 1890-1961 (author: André Martin, 2002). Mentioned in Artists and Galleries, in the fourth (2000) and fifth editions (2004), in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (PIRON)