Voorstudie, Aquarel voor "Serenade in Blauw"

Artist: Pascal Van Den Steen (Nieuwkerken 1926 - 2003 Ronse)
Technique: Aquarel
Signature: No
Sale with frame: No
Size picture (in cm): 16 cm x 12 cm 
Dimensions of the work: 18 cm x 14 cm, mounted on a sheet 
Obtained: Auction 
Remarks: From collector's map with aquarel and drawings from Pascal Van Den Steen, from which a number were used during an exhibition.  This work was a study for the painting named "Serenade in Blauw". (see Biografie Pascal Van den Steen 1926-2003, page 74)

The black background in the photo has been used to highlight the details of the paper used. (scanned object)
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