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Schilderijen en aquarellen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Pascal Van Den Steen.

Van Den Steen Pascal

Pascal Van Den Steen was a Belgian artist who was born in Nieuwkerken in 1926 and who died in 2003 in Ronse. He was a painter. Realized, among other things, fabulous and symbolist compositions with female figures, nudes. Around the age of 40, he was irresistibly drawn to the mysticism and mannerism of the Flemish primitives. His style and his subjects therefore lean towards these masters. From the press: "P.V.D.S. has a vision and imagination that takes him to the regions of allegory and the mythical experience. He creates a world that is far removed from our hectic time. He leads the viewer into an unreal dream world." Professionally worked as a draftsman.
Van den Steen rarely or never signed his works. He thought his work was recognizable enough. For each oil painting he made a preparatory small work, usually small watercolors. (Piron, BT)