Grafische kunstwerken kopen van de Franse kunstenares Yannick Ballif

Ballif Yannick

Yannick Ballif, born Mariannick Swinnen was a French artist who was born in 1927 in Longwy and died in 2009 in Paris. She was a painter and graphic artist. Flowers and floral motifs are a frequently recurring subject in her works. She studied drawing at the École des Arts et Métiers in Paris and at the Atelier Paul Colin (Paris). She then studied etching and engraving at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and in the studio of J. Friedlander. Her works are exhibited in museums in Edinburgh, Prague, Buenos-Aires, Wroclaw, Katovice, Bradford, among others. Museum of Modern Art, Paris; Museum of Modern Art, New York, General Library of California. (BT)