Schilderij van wilchar peinture de Willem pauwels

Wilchar (Willem Pauwels)

Wilchar, pseudonym of Willem Pauwels, is a Belgian artist born in 1910 in Saint-Gilles/Brussels and died in 2005 in Uccle. He was a painter, draftsman, graphic artist and designer of posters and folk prints. From 1925 he worked as a lithography apprentice. Took evening courses in drawing at the Academies in Sint-Gilles and Brussels. Student of F. Gailliard. He studied advertising art and completed his studies at the Workers University in Charleroi in 1935. He published his own magazine “L’Impertinent”, in which he tried to demystify the art. Work purchased by the State in 1982/83. Work among others in the Print Room in Brussels. Listed in BAS II. (PIRON)