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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Sander (Alexander) Wijnants

Wijnants Sander

Sander (Alexander) Wijnants was a Belgian artist, born in Mechelen in 1903 and died in Sint-Niklaas in 1953. He was a painter and designer of stained glass windows and carpets. He was the cousin of Ernest and Ferdinand Wijnants. He trained in painting and drawing at the Academy in Mechelen (1915-1917 and 1921-1925) under the guidance of W. Rosier and G. Van De Woestyne. He trained in Sculpture at the Academy in Brussels (1922-1923) and at the National Higher Institute in Antwerp (1925-1929). In 1925 he won the Godecharle Prize and in 1931 the Prix de Rome. In 1936 he moved to Sint-Niklaas. He made his debut as a sculptor, but soon chose painting. As a painter he created playful and poetic scenes full of figures, animals and characters that testify to an unbridled imagination. From the press: “His sparkling imagination, his friendly humor, his singing brick red and blue-white and green and yellow and his deep brown like the warm tone of a cello; everything is game. Play that is so gently inviting, so naive and deadly honest, that even the envious feel his grimness melt away for a healthy, childish smile” (1929). Sander Wijnants designed cardboards for the tapestry Het Sint-Evermarusspel or Ruttenmeispel (1935) that was exhibited in the Belgian pavilion at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937. He exhibited at the 47th Salon of the Circle of Art and Knowledge in Ghent in 1946. He was a teacher at the Academies in Mechelen (1931-1943) and Sint-Niklaas (1934-1944), where he became director. He is mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (Piron)