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Schilderijen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Rik Wesemael

Wesemael Rik

Rik (Henri) Wesemael was a Belgian artist, born in Lebbeke in 1920 and died in Dendermonde in 1998. He was a painter and photographer. He was educated at the Academy in Dendermonde and at the Institute Van De Velde in Brussels. He painted spontaneous, smoothly brushed cityscapes with characters, landscapes, portraits and still lifes. He was co-founder of the Kunstkring Als Ich Can in Lebbeke. In 1965 he exhibited for the first time in Lebbeke. Around 1975 he settled in Vlassenbroek. Rik Wesemael is mentioned in the Lexicon of East Flemish painters and sculptors 1700-1940 (Daniël Van Ryssel, 2008). (Piron)