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Kunstwerken van de kunstenaar Walter Seys kopen

Seys Walter

Walter Seys is a Belgian artist who was born in Ypres in 1938. He is a graphic artist (including linocut), painter and draftsman. Selected for 'Graphics in West Flanders' in 1971 (exhibitions in Tielt and Bruges). (piron)

Walter Seys studied plastic arts in Ghent and was a student of, among others, Octave Landuyt. He became a secondary school drawing teacher in Gits, Wervik and Ypres and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ypres. Between 1978 and 1999 he was its director. Seys was active in the re-establishment of the Melchior Broederlam Art Gallery in the Britannique hotel on the Grote Markt. He designed the 'gate' that gave access to the hall. He made posters and brochures for the Kattentoet, performances, birth announcements and prayer cards. Laureate of the Goliath awarded by the Ypres Culture Council in 2019. (HLN 12/12/2019)