Belgische grafica Veerle Rooms

Rooms Veerle

Veerle Rooms is a Belgian artist born in 1947 in Sint-Niklaas. She is a graphic artist and draftsman. Education at the Sint-Maria-Institute in Antwerp, graphics at the Academy in Sint-Niklaas, at the Higher Institute in Antwerp, at the Higher Institute for Graphics in Belgrade/Yugoslavia and at the State Center for Higher Art Education in Etterbeek. Specialized in monotype technique in Portland/Oregon/United States (1980) and in letterpress printing and paper art in Tokyo/Japan (1985). From the press: "V.R. cherishes the power of the word and the image. There is almost a nostalgic longing for calligraphy and ancient writing. For her, paper is the carrier of cultural data. She processes the paper almost ritually. She filters her travel impressions and she records the memories on paper so as not to forget them. By entrusting them to paper, signs, words and images get something sacred again" and "V.R. knows how to achieve a magical appearance of the whole in her graph by adding words." (R.D.C.) Became a graphics teacher at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts Sint-Maria, at the Academy and at the Charlemagne College in Antwerp. Work in the Print Room in Antwerp. Listed in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures by Belgian artists. (PIRON)