Kunstwerken kopen van de Mechelse kunstenares Camilla Van Peteghem

Van Peteghem Camilla

Camilla Van Peteghem was a Belgian artist, born in Mechelen in 1909 and died in Mechelen in 1988. She was a painter, draughtswoman, etcher and sculptor. She was the wife of Jan De Smedt. She was educated at the Academy in Mechelen between 1921 and 1933 and consisted of transparancy, decorative arts, drawing (under the guidance of V. Cokelberghs and G. Van De Woestyne), sculpture (under the guidance of Th. Blickx. From 1956 to 1958 she followed she etching and printing under the supervision of H. Geertsen. From the press: 'She sculpted many graceful images, which exude something of Jan De Smedt's tenderness.' She is mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists (Piron)