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Kunstwerken van de Nederlandse kunstenaar Toon van Eijndhoven kopen

van Eijndhoven Toon

Antonius (Toon) Wilhelmus Hubertus van Eijndhoven (Tilburg 1903 - Antwerp 1990) attended the National Academy of Visual Arts in Antwerp. In 1931 and 1932 he made several statues of saints and banners for the Margarita Maria Church. In 1933 he worked with Leander Petit on a facade relief above the main entrance of the monastery of the Rooi harts and in 1936 he realized a crucifix for the Sint Lidwina convent, in the facade in the Loudonstraat. In 1938 Van Eijndhoven left for Antwerp, because he no longer received (ecclesiastical) assignments in Tilburg and the surrounding area due to the fact that he lived together without being married. Apparently he was not completely forgotten in Tilburg, because in 1977 he created a corpus image for the Brothers of Tilburg. At Bredaseweg 384 there is another facade relief by Van Eijndhoven. (wiki MiddenBrabant)