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Aquarellen kopen van de Belgische architect, kunstschilder Egide Van der Paal

Van der Paal Egide

Egide Van der Paal was a Belgian architect, born in Antwerp in 1891 and died in Berchem in 1953. He studied architecture at the Antwerp Academy. He received practical training from the Berchem architect-surveyor Jan De Vroey. As a soldier in the First World War, he experienced the battle around the forts of Liège. In October 1914 he was discharged from the army and fled to the Netherlands, where he found work with architect Van der Peck. He was strongly influenced by the urban planning ideas of H.P. Berlage and W.M. Dudok. Back in Belgium in 1919, he worked as a municipal architect in Hoboken and as a technical draftsman for Bell Telephone. In 1930 he established himself as an independent architect. It was not until the 1950s that he started painting watercolors.

His signature has been verified thanks to his registration in the aliens register of Amsterdam.
Source: Amsterdam City Archives, Aliens Register, Volume: 933, Period: 1922, Amsterdam, June 19, 1915.