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Schilderijen van de Hasseltse kunstenaar Tony Dethier kopen

Dethier Tony

Tony Dethier was a Belgian artist who was born in Hasselt in 1933 and who passed away in 2020. He was a painter. Took lessons with Jos Tysmans and A. Maclot. Also training at the Academy in Hasselt and led by Paul Hermans. Finds the inspiration for his landscapes not only in his own region but also in the polders, the Demer valley, the Hageland and the Kempen. Expressionist design, influenced by the Latem school. From the press: "For T.D. only the essential of the landscape counts. The figurative is limited to a few farms, pollard willows, haystacks with a lot of soil and air." (2002) He exhibited in the Ravestein gallery in Hever-Boortmeerbeek in 1982, in the ASLK in Hasselt in 1995, in the cultural center in Hasselt in 2000. Worked professionally as a physics and chemistry teacher (1965-1996). Was chairman (1974-1982) and vice-chairman (1988-1992) of the Society for Astronomy (VVS). (Piron)