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Kunstwerken kopen van de Franse hedendaagse kunstenares Erika Tomas

Tomas Erika

Erika Tomas is a Contemporary French artist born in 1963. She studied literature in France and then applied arts and photography in Canada. After studying photography in Toronto, Canada, she first worked as a professional photographer in Paris and saw her work recognized by the National Library and the National Group of Professional Photography. She then settled in the south of France and focused on fashion design. She then runs and develops an expression and artistic creation workshop for adults with intellectual disabilities. However, she cannot do without her passionate and personal relationship with creation and immerses herself in colors and textures as often as possible and decides to devote herself completely to painting in 2016. Using an oil base and layers of raw pigments, pastels and acrylic, she creates abstract canvases with great expressive power. (BT)