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Kunstwerken vanTinus van Bakel kopen

Van Bakel Tinus

Tinus Van Bakel (pseudonym: Tinus V.) was a Dutch artist who was born in Eindhoven in 1939 and who died in Schilde in 2020. He was an autodidact. Lived and worked in Paris, Melun, Pavia, Heidelberg and eventually settled in Antwerp. Creator of a world of his own inhabited by colorful, strange creatures, made up of both flexible shapes and geometric structures. From the press: "T.V.B. starts from his subconscious spiritual life. The dominant motifs here include all kinds of vegetable shapes, the wheel, the eye, the sky, the sea and the woman. Characteristic is that the head is never depicted, it becomes a vegetable being, organically fused with geometric and even purely abstract structures" and "A totally strange world arises, which fascinates and entices through the shapes and colors, totally alien to nature or the environment. reality that surrounds us: only vague memories of this reality sometimes keep popping up in part, but completely written in a different alphabet." Signs Tinus or Tinus V. Work in the museum in Ostend. Mentioned in Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: PIRON