Kunstwerken kopen van de Oostendse kunstenaar Théo Van Rintel.

Van Rintel Théo

Théo Van Rintel is a Belgian artist who was born in 1936 in Kleine-Brogel. He is a painter. Self-taught. Realized, among other things, flowers, interiors, landscapes from the Lys region and the Polders, figures, sensual nudes, dune views. Debuted strongly expressionist, in the style of De Smet, Permeke, Van Den Berghe and Saverijs and then evolved into a more refined expressionism with an impressionistic slant. In 1975 he discovered the playful and sunny colors in Provence and resolutely followed the neo-impressionist path. These works exude a lyrical atmosphere of greenery and flowers, of zest for life and summer tranquility. From the press: “T.V.R. has found his personal style; the secret lies in its color scheme, which is transparent yet full of character, sober as the Polderland itself” “n “The painting of T.V.R. has grown out of a real emotion about the countryside, people and their surroundings, the flat or slightly sloping landscape, the seasons and their own colours. That last word is very important in the entire evolution of his oeuvre. Only when the color has fully come to life in his work has the real rise, the now unstoppable bloom, started. In the poetic description of plants and flowers, in which the things around them are suggested in a very subtle way, lies the true power of T.V.R. and also his sense of having a voice of his own worthy of being heard, calmly, attentively and without prejudice.” (H.B., 1988) Mentioned in the Lexicon of West Flemish visual artists III, BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)