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Etsen kopen van de Belgische kunstenares Suzanne Cocq

Cocq Suzanne

Suzanne Cocq was a Belgian artist born in Ixelles in 1894 and died in Etterbeek in 1979. She was a painter, draftsman, xylographer and etcher. She was of Walloon origin and of French descent. She was the wife of Maurice Brocas. She studied decorative arts at the Ecole Professionnelle in Ixelles (1907-1910). She then became interested in the applied arts such as bookbinding, embroidery and illustration work. In 1914, twenty years old, she discovered etching and landscape drawing in the open air. After a short training at the Academy in Brussels under the supervision of C. Montald (1916-1917), she continued her studies in various free studios. Her first paintings date from 1918. She was mainly fascinated by themes such as (Brussels) city and park views, marines, landscapes, figures and flowers. In her works, feeling and emotion take precedence over reason and reality. Her works are bathed in an atmosphere of poetry and serenity. From the press: 'Her works are sometimes reminiscent of Breughel and the Flemish primitives because of the purity and precision of the lines and there is an intense feeling of silence, even modesty. S.C. possesses a great distinction that leads to the fact that it elevates the subjects treated above the banal, as it were, and is able to lend them an allure of dignity'. (1975) work by her can be found in the Print Room in Brussels. She is mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)