Kunstwerken kopen van de kunstenaar Christian Straetling

Straetling Christian

Chris(tian) Straetling is an American-Belgian artist, born in Washington D.C./USA in 1960. He is the son of a German diplomat. He is a textile artist and designer of installations constructed from wire structures. He has been active in Belgium since 1986. He was the founder of Inexistent (1986-1993) and Bureau Gruzemayer (since 2007), co-founder of Factor 44 vzw (1996-2007) and the project space Buktapaktop in Brussels (since 2012). He was also artistic director of the Herman Teirlinckhuis, Beersel (2011-2013). His oeuvre consists of occasional publications of pamphlets and brochures, chronologies and leaflets in poster form, interventions, performances and coincidental situations. (Piron, Archive LLS 387, 2015)