Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenares Sofie Nagels

Nagels Sofie

Sofie Nagels is a Belgian artist who was born in 1975 in Brecht. She is a photographer and graphic artist. Free graphics training at the Academy in Antwerp. She also followed a year of photography and a visual arts aggregate in Antwerp, and an internship in graphics at the Frans Masereelcentrum in Kasterlee in 1998. Always starts from her own experience for her photos. The design remains subordinate to the story it tells. From the press: "The everyday is lifted into something extraordinary like S.N. portrays it. Her photos don't even have to match reality. Snapshots are manipulated, portrayed figures are staged," and "S.N. often photographs people, very directly, often completely exposing themselves physically and mentally. (…) interspersed with snapshots and static scenes, she brings people to the foreground. The images are suggestive, simple but subtle.' (JB) selected for the Joris Minnen Prize and the Frans Dille Prize in 1997. Exhibited in 2007 at the Ter Drift cultural center in Bornem under the title 'Les Vacances' and in the community center De Zandloper in Wemmel. Represented in the collection of the art lending service Kunst in Huis (2005). Working in Beerse (Piron)