Tekeningen kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar, Belgische tekenaar  Roger Van Bulck

Van Bulck Roger

Roger Van Bulck is a Belgian artist who was born in Reet in 1947. He is a painter and draftsman. Education plastic arts at the Sint-Thomas Institute in Brussels. He then developed largely as a self-taught artist. Hyper-realistic design. Finds his inspiration in the simplest objects, broken glasses, birds, crumpled fabrics, e.g. Laureate of Young Belgian Painting in 1977. From the press: "In his drawings R.V.B. hyper-realistic objects, places, figures, portraits; sometimes harsh and disconcerting, sometimes ethereal and expansive. In his paintings, on the other hand, new situations are created. The depiction remains hyper-realistic, but the content is based on the purely theoretical problems surrounding the painting as an abstract given: time and space within the boundaries of the plane itself" (1980) and "Executed in black and white, his paintings have a very graphic character, a far-reaching drawing with grisailles. Archaeological constructions whose function can no longer be traced, dominate a white, flat space like weathered sculptures, ritual signs or strange tools." (1977) Was a plastic arts teacher in Brussels from 1968, including at the Jan Van Ruusbroeck College, was a teacher at the Academy in Dendermonde (1979-2000) and was also an inspector for plastic education for secondary education. (Piron)