Belgische kunstenaar Roger Van Akelyen

Van Akelyen Roger

Roger Van Akelyen is a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1948. He is a painter, draftsman, graphic artist and crayon painter. Training at the Academy in Antwerp. Became friends with Fred Bervoets and company, which also included Pieter Celie, Ysbrant, Frank Maieu and Marcel Van Maele. From 1970 he leads the etching studio Panter-Print next to De Zwarte Panter in Antwerp, where he works as a master printer for colleagues such as S. Dillemans, J. Vanriet or B. Vekemans. Finds his inspiration in men, their fears, loneliness and black humor in their works, which are portrayed in a magical and expressive design. From the press: "The big themes keep coming back: love, homesickness and loneliness, threat and death. The human experience is central to his work. Although poetic, his work formulates a sharp accusation: in our material world so much is missing, there is such a shortage of the most important thing: love. V.A. created an oeuvre on the border between graphics, drawing and sculpture with respect for tradition, but with an eye for innovation." (J.B., 2004) and "The gouaches and drawings that R.V.A. in the Hoboken castle of Sorghvliedt shows his vague surreal, vague expressionist, always poetic. Eye-catchers are the three-dimensional viewing boxes that are reminiscent of models for opera and theater sets. The theaters gobble up, while you catch yourself waiting for some character to come on the scene." (2004) Also working as an artistic assistant to the Antwerp pocket theater De Zwarte Komedie by Bert Verhoye. From 1969 she regularly exhibited in the gallery De Zwarte Panter in Antwerp. Mentioned in BAS I and Two Centuries of Signatures of Belgian Artists. Source: Paul Piron, The Belgian Visual Artists from the 19th to the 21st Century