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D'haese Roel

Roel D'Haese, born in Geraardsbergen in 1921 and died in Bruges in 1996. He was a Flemish sculptor and graphic artist. He is seen as the most famous Flemish surrealist sculptor. Closely in line with his sculpture, he created, between 1957 and 1980, an extensive collection of graphic work, around wryly sarcastic human or animal figures. He surprises with drawings that he dreamily and freely let out of his pen as a form of relaxation after many hours of work in the smithy of his studio. In these drawings you still recognize the sculptor and also the constructor with iron. Alechinsky writes: "When Roel lands on the paper, his pen sounds like a sprinkler that wants to pay homage to the fields and the clouds, neither touches and looks at how we make and break".