Schilderijen van de Belgische kunstenaar Robert Boudry

Boudry Robert

Robert Boudry was a Belgian artist who was born in Ypres in 1878 and who died in Berchem in 1961. He was a painter. Father of Paul, son of Alois Boudry. Education at the Academy in Antwerp under E. Joors, P. Verhaert, F. Van Leemputten and A. De Vriendt. Also studied architecture. Stayed in England during World War I. Settled in Berchem about 1939. Painted, among other things, old Antwerp corners, picturesque alleys, courtyards, landscapes, dune views, farm views, still lifes, flowers. Also found inspiration in Mechelen, Ghent, Kortrijk. Loved the play of sunlight on the whitewashed, often weathered facades in Antwerp's back and harbor districts. Stayed every year in Oostduinkerke and also painted marines and fishing scenes. From the press: 'R.B. is the painter who captures the play of light and color with every touch of his sensitive brush, while also liberating the poetry of his subjects' (1930) and 'As his art matured over the years, the palette also became purer, the touch lighter, the color scheme varied and more translucent, which is especially noticeable in his still lifes. Light gradually became the inspiring element in his work.' Was also a writer of novellas in West Flemish. Exhibited at the “Exposition des Beaux-Arts” in Spa in 1914, in the Wines Hall in Antwerp in 1933. Works (Cows in the meadow, Stuck sloop) auctioned by the gallery G. Giroux in Brussels in 1946. Mentioned in BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)