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Kunstwerken van de Mechelse kunstenaar Rik Verheyden

Verheyden Rik

Rik Verheyden (Egide Henri) was a Belgian artist born in Mechelen in 1875 and died there in 1954. He was a painter. Was one of the best known folk figures in Mechelen. "Rikske" traveled through the city every day, with his easel, to discover a picturesque corner or an attractive interior. Was initially a member of the Kunstkring "De Distel", but soon left the path of renewal taken by this circle. Painted moody cityscapes, scenes with figures, interiors and still lifes. He also gained fame for the canvases he dedicated to life in Mechelen during the First World War. Due to impaired eyesight, he was forced to stop painting in 1941. There is a still life, "Wild 1926", in the Museum in Brussels. (PIRON)