Kunstwerken van de Antwerpse kunstenaar Rik Keuterickx kopen

Keuterickx Rik

Rik Keuterickx was a Belgian artist who was born in Antwerp in 1907 and who died in Kalmthout in 1974. He was a woodcarver, graphic artist, illustrator and ex-libris designer. He
studied at the academy of Antwerp and the Higher Institute with, among others, Isidoor Opsomer and Edward Pellens. Realized, among others, Antwerp cityscapes, (Christ) heads. Illustrated Old Antwerp. Pearl on the Scheldt with ten wood engravings. (Yes, De Schuyter, Antwerp, 1951). Was the husband of Germaine Cluytmans. (piron)