Kunstwerken van de Belgische schilder Rik Canty kopen

Canty Rik

Rik Canty is a Belgian artist who was born in 1939 in Deurle. He is a painter. Didn't have an academic education, but often spent time in the studios of Jules De Coster, Albert Claeys and Léon De Smet. Painted landscapes, genre scenes, still lifes, flowers. Impressionist design. From the press: “As a self-taught artist, he learned a lot from Albert Claeys, that other icon of the Lys landscape. His Leie landscapes became popular at home and abroad. After having stayed in the Zwalm region for thirteen years, Rik returned to his trusted Leie region where he could indulge himself further in painting his beloved Leie landscapes, which he can exhibit again in Deurle. Rik indeed belongs to the last generation of the Latem landscape painters.” (A.F. Haelemeersch) (Piron)