Schilderijen van de Belgische kunstenares Renée Kempen kopen

Kempen Renée

Renée Kempen was a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1914 and died in Schoten in 2002. She was a painter, watercolorist and draftsman. She was educated at the Academy and at the Higher Institute in Antwerp under the direction of Albert and Carlo De Roover, R. Wante, V. Thonet and Samuel De Vriendt, among others. Realized figures, landscapes, city, harbor and river views, church interiors, flowers and still lifes. With a tempered passion she painted alternately melancholy and lively canvases. She possessed a dynamic, dashing and nervous bill. From the press: “In terms of subjects, R.K. does not impose any restrictions. Indeed, both the human figure observed in his daily activities, and the landscape in his own region or elsewhere, even abroad, the village view and the suburb, the winter with its serenity, the harbor, the still life and the animal undergone in this art a separate transfiguration that gives them a specific signature. This work is about a sonorous and atmospheric expression proper to things, but transposed through the dynamic personality of the artist who wants to speak her own language.” (R.D.C.) She is mentioned in BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)