Collages kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Thierry Renard

Renard Thierry

Thierry Renard was a Belgian artist, born in Tongeren in 1951 and died in Brussels in 2011. He was a graphic artist, photographer and designer of collages and installations. He trained as a lawyer, specializing in international law. As far as visual arts are concerned, he was self-taught. In his works he refers to art history in a subtle and sometimes ironic way. From the press: “In addition to large serigraphs behind glass, T.R. small collages based on pictures. He has been carving reproductions of art objects for many years. The contemporary processing of these prints leads to fascinating and funny effects", and "With references to works of art from the past, T.R. new childish scenes. His collages play with time and art styles. Renard's cutting and pasting work always eliminates the confusion that arises in the memory when bringing together various memories," and finally: "For T.R. is any art form of a spiritual nature, a glimpse of greater or lesser gods, named or unnamed. In addition, art is close to life and the experience. Whatever artists may understand by art, beauty and harmony, meaning and purpose should be its goals. The art of T.R. requires attention and memory. It contrasts with today's consumption of images that are careless, hasty and forgetful. His collage technique in particular invites an unexpected rediscovery of past, contemporary and future images, in search of oneself and each other.” He once worked with Hugo Claus to give the characters of the alphabet a more playful form. He exhibited in the Archetype gallery in Brussels in 1997, in the Zwart Huis in Knokke in 2011. Work by Thierry Bernard can be found in the MuHKA in Antwerp and in the Museum in Ixelles. He worked in Brussels. (Piron)