Peintre belge René Pelousse Belgische kunstschilder

Pelousse René

René Pelousse was a Belgian painter born in 1917 in Marcinelle and died in 1977 in Mont-sur-Marchienne. As a painter he was an autodidact, but still got advice and support from L. Van Den Houten. He leaned on symbolism, fantasticism and surrealism and found his inspiratiopn in Eastern mythology. In his works he presents a baroque world of lost continents, petrified splendor, in which fabulous characters and virgins are placed. The works reflect mysticism, a touch of eroticism and sometimes even a certain nostalgia for lost purity. Initially paid particular attention to the drawing and the lines, then more to the color and the volumes in his works. He participated in the creation of the "Entre Nous" Group in Châtelet. Work among others in the Museum in Charleroi. (PIRON)