Belgische kunstenaar Remy Cornelissen

Cornelissen Remy

Remy Cornelissen was a Belgian artist born in 1913 in Turnhout and died in 1990 in Antwerp. He was a sculptor, draftsman and lithographer. Education at the Academy in Antwerp, under the supervision of E. Wijnants. Second for the Prix de Rome in 1943. Developed until 1963 a solid sculpture in all possible materials, with a clear preference for stone. After 1963, his technique changed. He mastered the welding technique and definitively turned to metal sculpture: iron, steel and chrome steel. His art became one of delicate beauty, which impressed with its almost floating character. A thin, delicate form, in an upward construction that strongly suggests, leads among other things to (allegorical) characters, horses and other animals. Was a teacher at the Academy in Turnhout (1937-1947), at the Atheneum in Berchem (1940-1972), at the Academy in Antwerp (1947-1978). Listed in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures by Belgian artists. (PIRON)