Kunstwerken kopen van de Gentse kunstenaar Raphaël De Buck of Raf De Buck

De Buck Raphaël

Raphaël De Buck, or Raf De Buck, was a Belgian artist who was born in Ghent in 1902 and who also died in Ghent in 1986. He was a painter, watercolorist, gouachist, draftsman and illustrator. Son of Leonard De Buck. Education at the Academy in Ghent under G. Minne. Realized figures, nudes, genre pieces, still lifes and paintings of flowers. Mostly known for his female figures. From the press about this: "His work is first and foremost that of a dreamer and a lustful man. One looks at his nude paintings, which, even when the attitude may be called chaste, remain provocative. That is the result of the greedy coloring of the skin, of the wavy lines. Desire is inscribed in his canvases as a kind of watermark" and "R.D.B. has also brushed strange still lifes in which attention is diverted from the main motif by old engravings hung on the wall or with wide-open windows, through which life flows from the outside in" and "Women's torsos, of various plumes, more or less splendidly dressed, with mysterious faces and veiled eyes, like barmaids, ballerinas, gypsies, barmaids, bathers on the beach, ladies on steamships, on terraces, in gardens. In this way he continuously strives to populate a dream world full of attractive, enchanting and somewhat perverted young women, who always seem resigned to waiting for a love affair." Participated in the Salons in Ghent. Mentioned in BAS II and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. Source: Piron