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Magis Pol

Pol Magis is a Belgian artist born in 1931 in Liège. He is a photographer, painter and draftsman. He followed training at the Academies in Brussels and Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, in particular Jacques Maes and P. Dulieu. He also took lessons at the Free Academy of Maurice Minsart in Schaerbeek. He finds his inspiration at the Belgian coast, in Brittany, southern France, Spain and North Africa. He has a preference for (southern) village scenes, North African market scenes, nudes, compositions with figures, masks, portraits and flowers. He likes light and pure colors. He works in generous paint paste. Powerful design and ditto color, that shows strong emotions. Illustrated, among others, "Le Molenguy" (Fr. Meda) and the poetry collection "Car il te va si bien le manteau d'Arlequin" (A. Nardon). Listed in BAS III. (PIRON)