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Kunstwerken van de Waalse kunstenaar Pierre Paulus de Châtelet kopen

de Châtelet Pierre Paulus

Pierre Paulus de Châtelet, or Baron Pierre Paulus de Châtelet, was a Belgian artist who was born in Châtelet in 1881 and who died in Brussels in 1959. He was a Walloon painter, expressionist painter, pastelist, engraver and lithographer, sporadic poster artist , he revealed himself to the general public during the famous exhibition on Walloon art organized in Charleroi in 1911 on the initiative of Jules Destrée. Was first a student of sculpture and drawing by his father, who was a teacher at the Academy in Châtelet. Further education at the Academy in Brussels under C. Montald (1898-1905). Departed for England in 1914 but was mobilized in 1916. Painted war scenes, then portraits and landscapes. Worked together with A. Oleffe and R. Wouters in Brabant. From around 1906, his main source of inspiration was the mining and industrial area around Charleroi, the gray atmosphere of which he managed to reproduce in a dramatic and penetrating way. The influence of his stay in London works in a number of winter and night scenes (turner and Whistler mood painting). In contrast to C. Meunier, who gave the work a heroic allure, P.P. the miserable nature of living in an industrial area. Became a teacher at the Higher Institute in Antwerp in 1929, acquired the title of baron in 1951. Work in the Museums in Brussels, Antwerp, Mons, Ghent, Liège. Mentioned in BAS I and Two centuries of signatures of Belgian artists. (piron)