Belgische kunstschilder Pierre Hendrix

Hendrix Pierre

Pierre Hendrix was born in 1913 in Antwerp. He also died in Antwerp in 1995. He was a painter. Education at the Academy in Antwerp. Painted artistically high-quality portraits, warm interiors, beautiful still lifes, handsome landscapes, atmospheric Scheldt and harbor views. Loved the Scheldt and everything that had to do with it from far or near. Over the years his color range became lighter and more cheerful and pastel tonalities came to dominate his palette. His works breathe poetry and bear witness to a poetic soul. Characteristic of his landscape paintings is the nostalgia, arising from the contrast between eternal and transient. "Everyday reality is looked at with loving eyes, and as a result Pierre makes them recognizably different", Anton van Wilderode once said about the landscapes of his good friend, "after that nothing could be uglier". Exhibited in the gallery CAW ta Antwerp in 1964 and 1968, in the BP-Building and in the Studio Hendrik de Braekeleer in Antwerp in 1969. (Piron)