Kunstwerken kopen van de Belgische kunstenaar Danny Peetermans

Peetermans Danny

Danny or Daniël Peetermans is a Belgian artist, born in Diest in 1958. He is a painter and graphic artist. He trained in free graphics at Sint-Lukas in Brussels and perfected himself at the Academies in Geel and Heist-op-den-Berg. He finds his inspiration in people and society. In his paintings he evokes the victims of the Holocaust (Yidish Tango series). Figures are depicted in pale tones in an atmosphere of rather soft drama. He was laureate of the Broeder Max Prize for painting in 1997. From the press following his exhibition in Theobald's Boothuisje in Ostend in 2006: “D.P. has previously been a guest with mainly figurative work that referred to the Holocaust. Now he exhibits material, shrouded in shades of blue and gray, which clearly evoke an atmosphere of constructivism and in which lines have been patiently drawn, carved and the monotonous has been broken in a parallel rhythm.” (H.B., 2006) And more recently in the magazine De Bond “I often paint from a kind of 'damn' feeling, hence the series I made about the persecution of the Jews. And now I am especially angry at the instigators of the war in Ukraine, a theme that may soon also appear in my work. Only when the work is finished and I have completely lost those emotions such as anger or sadness, do I really relax again.” (Geert Van Hecke, May 2022) Daniël Peetermans is a member of the Art Circle in Tessenderlo. He works in Geel. (Piron, BTC'est)